27 March, 2018


Board of the K. H. Renlund Foundation

Chairman: Henry Wiklund
Scientific ombudsman: Carl Ehlers
Board members: Veli-Pekka Salonen, Karl Stockmann, Christer Sundström

Committee of experts

The tasks of the expert committee are to evaluate applications, follow project developments and serve as an advisor for the board. The committee is composed of two members of the board and two external experts.

The members of the expert committee are: Carl EhlersChrister SundströmTimo Mäki and Alec Estlander

Contact information

In issues related to grants, please contact the scientific ombudsman:

K.H. Renlund foundation c/o Carl Ehlers
Faculty of science and techniques
Åbo Akademi university
FI-20500 Turku
Tel: +358 2 215 4153
email: carl.ehlers@khrenlund.fi