15 November, 2017

Apply for grant

K.H. Renlund foundation, annual call for project proposals

The K.H. Renlund foundation supports novel and applied openings concerning prospecting of mineral and ground water resources, related scientific research and technical-economical investigations of earth resources. The foundation supports also technical innovations within the fields of mineralogy and geology as well as geoenvironmental investigations (applications for travel costs to participate scientific meetings or solely purchases of equipments will not be supported). The foundation can support publishing activities and PhD studies related to the targets of the foundation. Total amount of awarded project funding will be around 900 000 €.

Forms and instructions on our Finnish or Swedish webpage. The electronic application system is open from September 15 to November 30. 

Grant decisions for 2019 can be found here

For more information, please contact Prof. Carl Ehlers, email: carl.ehlers@khrenlund.fi or Prof. Veli-Pekka Salonen, email: veli-pekka.salonen@khrenlund.fi